We understand and respect the issues of privacy and confidentiality regarding students who access our services. We take confidentiality very seriously and make every effort to keep our services confidential.


  • The personal information of registered students is accessed by SAS staff only. Occasionally, information may be shared with specific Student Services staff on a need-to-know basis. A student鈥檚 diagnosis, specific disability, or other personal information is never revealed to student employees (i.e. exam invigilators, note-takers, or tutors). These employees are given only enough instruction to facilitate these accommodations. All our employees have signed confidentiality agreements and understand the seriousness of this issue. A breach of confidentiality may be sufficient cause for immediate dismissal and possibly other disciplinary action.  
  • Professors are NOT informed of the nature of the student's disability or diagnosis, or regarding the student鈥檚 relationship with SAS. Professors will only be advised of the accommodations that a student requires.  
  • A consent form must be signed by the registered student to disclose any information to other University staff and/or outside parties (such as family members or other individuals). Consent forms are available at SAS.