Student Accessibility Services provides students with a wide array of individualized learning accommodations and services to help reduce barriers to education. Accommodations are delivered and facilitated in collaboration with course professors.  
Not all accommodations are offered to every student; students are only offered the specific accommodations that they require due to their disability and supporting documentation.  

Some accommodations and services may include, but are not limited to:  


  • Access to assistive technology  
  • Access to large print, taped, or braille materials  
  • FM system to support hearing-impaired students  
  • Sign language interpreters (government-funded)  
  • Assistance with grant applications  
  • Note-taker services 
  • Test/midterm/exam accommodations  
  • Tutors for general academic success (government-funded)  
  • Time management skills training  
  • Other individually tailored accommodations as required  
  • Temporary accommodations with supporting documentation 

Receiving academic accommodation does not modify course standards or lower academic performance expectations on the part of the professors. Because of this unified approach to all students, no records of your accommodations will appear on your diplomas or transcripts.