Canada Student Loan & Canada Study Grant

There is financial assistance available from the Government of Canada to help support full-time and part-time students with permanent disabilities. This financial assistance is known as the Canada Study Grant (CSG).


  • To be eligible for the Canada Study Grant, you must apply for a Canada Student Loan AND qualify for at least one dollar ($1) of a Student Loan. You must also provide sufficient documentation of your disability.  
  • The Canada Student Grant helps to cover the cost of necessary equipment, software, and accommodation services (tutoring, notetaking)  
  • Depending on your province of residence, the CSG funding may be distributed in collaboration with 麻豆官网首页入口 or directly to you. Visit  or contact our office for more information.  

We ask all students who are registered with us to apply for the CSG. If students are not eligible for the CSG, they will still receive non-government-funded accommodations and support through our office.