Current Opportunities & Partners

Internship Partners

Our list of internship placements continuously grows and adapts to offer personalized opportunities for students in all academic departments and of all career interests. Below is a list of NGOs and small to medium sized businesses where St. Thomas students have interned or are currently interning.


Human Rights, Psychology, Gerontology, Social Work, Sociology


Journalism, Communications & Public Policy, English Language & Literature 


History, Fine Arts, Political Science


Fine Arts, French, History, Sociology, Education

Sociology, Human Rights, Psychology, Education


Psychology, Social Work


Communications & Public Policy, Psychology, Economics & Business, Education, Human Rights, Social Work


Gerontology, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Human Rights 


Political Science, Human Rights, Native Studies, Sociology, Romance Languages 


Digital Media & Creative Arts, English Language & Literature, Fine Arts, Journalism 


Education, Human Rights, Psychology, Science & Technology, Sociology


History, Anthropology, Science & Technology Studies, Sociology


Economics, Digital Media & Creative Arts, Entrepreneurship


Communications & Public Policy, Law, Politics & Society, Political Science, Economics, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Education, Social Work  


Sociology, Human Rights, Environment & Society

Gerontology, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work


Economics, Business, Communications & Public Policy, Psychology


Criminology & Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, Law Politics and Society


Native Studies, Human Rights, Education, History, Sociology 


History, Anthropology, Great Books, Education, French


Sociology, Education, Human Rights, Psychology, Social Work 


History, Anthropology, French, Spanish, Human Rights, Sociology


Gerontology, Sociology, Human Rights, Psychology, Gender Studies


Environment & Society, Education, Science & Technology Studies, English Literature

Political Science, International Relations, Human Rights, Research

Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Gender Studies

Economics, Communications & Public Policy, Political Science 


Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Human Rights


International Relations, Human Rights, Sociology, Digital Media & Creative Arts, Communications & Public Policy, Journalism 


Psychology, Sociology, Gender Studies, Criminology & Criminal Justice


History, Science & Technology Studies, Sociology, Anthropology


English Language & Literature, Drama, Fine Arts, Musical Theatre

Economics, Communications & Public Policy, Entrepreneurship, Law, Politics & Society 


English Language & Literature, Drama, Fine Arts, Musical Theatre 


Sociology, Native Studies, Education, Human Rights, Communications, Fine Arts

Gerontology, Sociology, Psychology, Human Rights 


Native Studies, Education, History, Social Work, Human Rights


English Language and Literature, Education, Digital Media & Creative Arts, Communications & Public Policy 


Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, Human Rights, Anthropology, Native Studies

Gerontology, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work

Hayes Urban Teaching Farm 
Environment & Society, Science & Technology Studies, Communications & Public Policy, Business, Sustainability