Indigenous Experiential Learning

Indigenous Experiential Learning at St. Thomas University is a beautiful bridge that connects Indigenous and non-Indigenous students through hands-on learning, which enhances their creativity, and personal and professional development. 

 Taking care of the mind, body, and spirit is a benefit for all students. Learning from and about the land we study and live on, enriches and unifies our knowledge, and these bonds are a result of the experiential learning process. 

We offer paid internship opportunities, career exploration opportunities, volunteering, and exposure to the rich culture and language of the Indigenous people of the Wabanaki Territory. 




Internships aim to combine academic learning with an opportunity to develop professional skills through paid and/or accredited work placements. These work placements support private and non-profit organizations in New Brunswick, with an emphasis on Indigenous-led and owned organizations.


Internships offer our Indigenous students the opportunity to build connections between their disciplinary and professional experiences, become career ready, and build community connections while completing their undergraduate degree. 

The Indigenous Experiential Learning Coordinator can help you find community placements in any area that you wish to explore and learn more from through direct experience. 


We also offer alternative work-integrated learning projects you can engage in, or even an option for you to create your own placement. We have made this program as flexible and accessible as possible to remove barriers and empower students to find their way in their academic journey.  


Shyla Augustine, BA '20, BEd '21

鈥淚'm grateful and proud to have had the opportunity to gain and apply knowledge from my paid internships in an influential way within a professional setting. Being an intern helped me gain a unique pre-career experience that most people are unable to acquire before graduating. I've also been able to create and publish a children's book that my internship inspired.

I really enjoyed working in such a positive environment, with supportive people. It has not only helped me grow stronger as a student, but as a mother and future educator.鈥


Culture and Language

We support various projects, workshops, webinars, and all types of community engagement activities that highlight Indigenous backgrounds.

These experiences must have a cultural and language component and aim to improve, educate, and properly inform both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. 

We have funding available to students, faculty, and staff at St. Thomas University to support the development of experiential learning opportunities on and off campus. If your Indigenous project requires financial assistance, or you want help getting your idea developed, please contact our Indigenous Experiential Learning Coordinator to get started! 

Project examples: 

  • Create your own workshops and events
  • Take your idea and make it come to life, such as a work of art, literature, or other creative expression
  • Design webinars to integrate Indigenous topics and issues into school curriculum
  • Applied research on Indigenous culture and language

We are here to help generate a sense of community and wholeness for the Indigenous students and for the St. Thomas University community as well. By learning from our experiences, we gain more knowledge to move towards the future with confidence and strength.  


Leanne Hudson, BA '23
鈥淚 organized a basket-making workshop to further integrate traditional Indigenous teachings and practices within our campus. The workshop provided students the opportunity to take their handmade basket home at the end of the workshop. Basket-making is a common craftsmanship in Indigenous communities and has been for centuries. I wanted this to be a project by students and for students.鈥