Revisit virtual workshops hosted by Writing Centre Coordinator Heather MacDonald.


Online Research 101

Have you received an assignment that asks you 鈥渄o research鈥? Join this workshop to learn the most efficient way to start researching your assignment, and how to approach research so you get the most done in the least amount of time!

This workshop covers:

  • What does it mean to 鈥渞esearch鈥 for a university-level paper?
  • How do you get started started with a research project, and what steps do you take?
  • What are some hot tips and tricks for searching the Harriet Irving Library Online holdings?
  • How do you keep track of the research you are doing so you can use it the most effectively?


Writing a University Essay: The Basics

Writing any kind of essay at the university level can sometimes seem like a huge task, but once you break down the parts, it is a pretty simple formula to follow! Join this workshop to learn what we expect from a university-level academic paper, and how to write one, with a specific focus at the end on how to write an argumentative essay.


This workshop covered:

  • The basic formula for writing a paper
  • What do I write in an introduction?
  • What do I write in a conclusion?
  • What do I write in my body paragraphs?
  • Essay Focus: How to write an argumentative essay


Crash Course: APA

APA is now in its 7th edition, and some of the rules have changed. Maybe you have never even used APA at all before! This workshop covers the basics of APA, and specifically:


  • An overview of why we use APA and what that means
  • How to do in-text citations: a quick formula
  • How to do a reference page
  • What is a narrative citation?
  • What is a parenthetical citation?
  • Using unbiased language
  • Changes from the 6th edition to be aware of

Access the workshop PDF here


How to Use Research in a Paper

You may have collected lots of interesting research, but how do you actually incorporate it in a paper, and what parts do you use? Join Heather MacDonald, Writing Centre Coordinator, to learn multiple ways to use research in your writing including:


  • How to paraphrase
  • How to incorporate direct quotes
  • How to vary the ways you incorporate paraphrases and quotes
  • When it is appropriate to quote and paraphrase