Research News

Dr. Michelle Lafrance Launches New Resource to Help Navigate Aging in NB
Psychology professor Dr. Michelle Lafrance and a team of researchers and practitioners are launching a new resource to help New Brunswick seniors and their caregivers navigate the health and home care systems in the province. Read More.


Sociology Professor Dr. Kristi Allain Named Canada Research Chair in Physical Culture and Social Life
Dr. Allain will examine the ways that power operates through the intersections of physical activity, aging, gender, and Canadian national identity. Read more.


Dr. Albert Banerjee Appointed Health Research Chair in Community Health and Aging
Dr. Albert Banerjee has been appointed Health Research Chair in Community Health and Aging at St. Thomas University.  Read more.


Dr. Clive Baldwin Hopes to Generate Awareness of New Religious Movements through Latest Scholarly Work
Dr. Clive Baldwin is hoping to generate awareness and understanding of new religious movements and their practitioners.  Read more.

Research by Dr. Michelle Lafrance will amplify voices of caregivers in New Brunswick
Dr. Michelle Lafrance is taking a closer look at how New Brunswick caregivers are managing within the current healthcare system.  Read more.

Dr. Tony Tremblay aims to change perception of New Brunswick with latest research project
Dr. Tony Tremblay hopes his latest research project will impact how New Brunswickers see themselves and how the province is perceived by Canadians.  Read more.

Dr. Kristi Allain Receives SSHRC Insight Grant
Sociology professor Dr. Kristi Allain received a SSHRC Insight Grant to investigate how the winter sports of older Canadians can be better represented in Canada’s national identity.  Read more.


Coding, Learning, and Constructing Digital STEM Literacies
Dr. Shaunda Wood wants to bring coding to elementary school-aged children — especially students who do not often have this opportunity.  Read more.

Latest Issue of The Nashwaak Review
The Nashwaak Review publishes original poetry, short fiction, travel pieces, essays, articles and reviews.  Read more.

Tony Tremblay Develops New Brunswick Literature Curriculum in English
Dr. Tony Tremblay hopes that his newest project, the New Brunswick Literature Curriculum in English, will promote greater awareness and appreciation of the province’s rich literary history.  Read more.

New Issue of Journal of New Brunswick Studies
The current issue focuses on the health of New Brunswickers.  Read more.