Care from Professionals

Mental Health Care from Professionals are resources and services that you engage in with professionals. 


Professionals provide individuals seeking help with mental health struggles confidential and non-judgmental spaces, as well as expertise, guidance, and resources.  


There are many options for seeking mental health care from professionals. The service best suited for you depends on your needs, preferences, level of distress, and what service you are ready and willing to engage in.  


Consider the many options for mental health care from professionals. We often seek the service that we are most familiar with rather than the service best suited for us.  


Mental Health Care from Professionals 

Guided Self-Help 

Guided self-help is a combination of self-guided readings and activities and connecting with a professional for coaching and support. 



Counselling involves meeting with a qualified professional to assist and guide you in resolving emotional difficulties. 


Specialized Services 

Specialized services are for individuals who require specialized community-based services or an intensive treatment. 


Crisis Services 

Crisis services are for individuals who require immediate help or the loved ones of individuals who require immediate help.