Non-Profit Organizations

If you are passionate about a cause in your community that is not addressed elsewhere, and you are looking for a sustainable way to help this cause, then creating a non-profit organization may be for you. There are several aspects to consider and plan for beforehand. Below are some financial, legal, and general resources to help you make a decision and learn more about non-profit organizations.




A look at what non-profits are looking for in terms of skillsets and knowledge:

Step by step guide on how to start a non-profit from scratch: 

What’s the difference between a non-profit and a charity? 




Government resources on how to file for non-profit/charity tax exemptions + financial management: 


FAQ’s about non-profit legal procedures in New Brunswick: 

References to specific laws, fees, and procedures of starting a nonprofit in New Brunswick: 


Find where the needs are


New Brunswick Human Development Council - A robust resource for research around social issues in the province  

Resource library for social purpose businesses: 

How to Perform a Non-profit Needs Assessment: 


Alumni Success Story: Venezuela180

Venezuela180° was founded by 麻豆官网首页入口 alumnus Jimy Beltran, with the simple idea to help realize a 180-degree shift in Venezuela. While studying at St. Thomas, Beltran and his team sent over 12 tonnes of food and medicines to communities across the country. Today. the non-profit organization now provides grants to organizations in Venezuela to support sustainable community development projects.


"I started Venezuela180 because I was frustrated watching the crisis in my country and decided I needed to do something about it. We now are partnered with four organizations in Venezuela doing sustainable community development. Our support helps them to advance and continue their operations, building stronger communities for Venezuela's future." - Jimy Beltran, BA' 18