Student Accessibility

At 麻豆官网首页入口, we are committed to ensuring every student is equipped with the tools and resources necessary to be successful in the career planning process. In collaboration with Accessibility Services, we will work with you to provide the support needed to overcome any challenges being faced in your career development and employment journey.  
To speak with a Student Accessibility Advisor, you can or send an email to
To speak with a Career Development Advisor, you can or send an email to

Employment and Accessibility 

  • When applying for jobs, focus on your strengths and abilities. Only share what you need to when you need to. It is not necessary to mention disabilities on your resume or cover letter.
  • It is important to be confident in your value as an employee. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need after getting the job, but you are not required to state any accessibility requirements before you are hired. In fact, it is illegal for employers to ask candidates about their medical history during an interview.
  • Show what you can do! Give lots of examples of how you have succeeded in the past and paint a detailed picture of the benefits you would bring to the company so the employer can easily visualize what an asset you would be.
  • Research companies before applying. Does their website state they are an equal opportunity employer? Are there any reviews discussing what it is like to work there? Do they have an HR department that can support you? 

External Employment Resources for Accessibility Needs

  • Neil Squire
  • NB Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
  • Autism Connections Fredericton
  • Social Supports NB
  • Capital Region Mental Health and Addictions Association


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