Program Structure

The following outlines the program objectives from 麻豆官网首页入口 and MFC Training for the Bachelor of Arts (Aviation Stream).


Year of Study  

麻豆官网首页入口 Objectives  

MFC Objectives  

First Year 

30 Credit Hours (ch) 


  • 12ch Group A 
  • 12ch Group B  
  • 6ch Group C/D  

Category 1 Transport Canada Medical  

and English-Language Proficiency 


Second Year  

18 Credit Hours 


  • 12ch from major  
  • 6ch from electives  

Private Pilot’s License (PPL) 

Third Year  

18 Credit Hours  


  • 12ch from major  
  • 6ch from electives 

Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) 

Fourth Year 

18 Credit Hours 


  • 6ch from major  
  • 12ch from electives 

Instrument Flight  

(optional) Flight Instructor  

(Optional) Frozen ATPL, pending 1500 flight hours 


Picture of moncton flight college plane on ground

MFC Training Highlights 

  • MFC Training first left the ground in 1929 and has since grown to become one of the largest and most experienced flight training schools in Canada.  
  • MFC Training graduates over 350 or more fully trained commercial pilots every year for many of the world’s airlines.  
  • MFC Training provides all levels of pilot training for both domestic and international markets 

  • From Recreational Pilot Permits to our Professional Commercial Pilot and Instructor Programs, MFC Training can meet training needs with a fleet of over 50 aircraft.
  • Because of its location, pilots benefit from four-season training and are better equipped to safely manage different weather conditions.