Welcome to University

You鈥檝e made the decision to attend university. Congratulations!
Your first year of university is a significant year in the quest for education because it marks a transition. This year, you will experience the most change, the most learning, and the most development.  

It also marks the year where you will develop the academic habits that are likely to persist throughout the rest of your degree.

The links below provide helpful information to help ease the transition from high school to university.

Being a Good Student

Find some easy steps to ensure you're getting the most out of your studies.

Study Spots on Campus

Looking for a good place to study? Take a look at our list of of on-campus options!

Student studying
Your syllabus is a very important document. It outlines all of the important information you'll need to succeed in the course鈥攄ue dates, professor contact information and office hours, topics you'll be covering, and more.
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